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Nhani No.2 ~After The Rain ~

 100 x 100cm 

Original artwork using acrylic paint on canvas (textured)

High quality Tasmanian oak floating frame

Nhani is a Mutti Mutti language word rich with history and significance, resonating with the spirituality of the land and its animals.

I have employed a unique and intricate technique known as multi-layered dot painting. This method involved meticulously placing countless dots upon the canvas, layer upon layer, forming a mesmerizing and complex tapestry of colors and patterns.

What made these dots even more meaningful was the tool used to create them. It was a dotter, a small instrument passed down from my late aunty Barb. Aunty Barb, a beloved member of the family, had spent countless hours in her shed near Manatunga, honing her own artistic skills. The dotter became a symbol of connection, a tangible link between the artist and their aunty. Each time the dotter touched the canvas, it felt as if Aunty Barb's spirit was guiding my hand, weaving her own story into the artwork.

I became immersed in the creative process of this original artwork, and a profound sense of connection and belonging filled my heart through its creation. I could feel the land coming alive, its energy pulsating through my veins. The dots began to form an abstract representation of what happens to the land after the rain.

A depiction of the post-rain landscape. The dots merged and blended, creating a vibrant mosaic of colors, symbolizing the rejuvenation and growth that follows a rainfall. The artwork captures the essence of the land's resilience, its ability to endure and flourish, even in the face of adversity.

Through my art I wanted to not only celebrate the word "Nhani" and its profound meaning but also pay tribute to my late aunty Barb and her creative legacy. The artwork has become a testament to the unbreakable bond between past and present, between family and heritage.

And so, the story of this original artwork, born from the multi-layered dot painting technique, became a testament to the power of art in preserving history, connecting generations, and capturing the indomitable spirit of the land after the rain.

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