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Paikea ~ Humpback Whale

This original artwork is a story about the Spirit of the whale. There are many names for whale in Maori culture, but Paikea really called to me to tell the story of this piece.

Paikea is an important Maori ancestor of the East Coast tribes, especially the Ngati Porou tribe, of New Zealand's North Island. 

According to legend, Paikea came to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands on the back of a whale many centuries ago. 

I have a deep connection to whales, the guardians of the ocean. I have had an out of body experience of looking into a whale's eyes and swimming on her back, connecting with her spirit. I have also had a deep meditation where I found myself with the sleeping humpback whales deep within the ocean. 

This piece has cultural influences of both my Aboriginal and Maori heritage. 

76.2 x 50.8 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Light wooden frame

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